Private Shuttle

The comfort solution

This is the option that we recommend !

Private shuttles are comfortable, the driver greets you at the exit of your flight and carries your luggage to the vehicle, where cool drinks and music choices await you ... the holidays start well !

The prices are decent, Greece remains an affordable destination sun.

The principle is simple, you choose to travel alone (for families, couples or friends) or you choose to share the ride with other guests. In this case, the vehicle will make several stops to drop each passenger. The latter case is rather valid for destinations such as the center of Athens or Piraeus which are the points of fall for many travelers. However, if you go to Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae or Gythio, opt for the private trip, which will always be cheaper than the same journey by taxi.

Among all transport agencies with private driver there is Adonis. This is a family business with dual French and Greek culture. Their reservation website is in English and drivers usually also speak English or French, always practical to ask them questions about your vacation destination.

On payment is made in advance, no additional fees, everything is settled before departure.


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